German finance minister plans gasoline discount – Bild


BERLIN, March 13 (Reuters) – German Finance Minister Christian Lindner plans to introduce a discount on gasoline to help motorists cope with soaring prices, Bild daily reported on Sunday.

Under the plan, drivers would get a fixed price reduction when paying at gasoline stations and the amount would be reimbursed to filling station operators by the government.

The aim is to bring the cost of a litre of gasoline towards 2 euros. In some areas in Germany, prices have soared to around 2.20 euros per litre.

The exact reduction has not yet been decided, reported Bild, which speculated it could be around 0.20 euros per liter.

The finance ministry was immediately available to comment.

France is introducing a rebate of 0.15 euros per litre of transport fuel for four months from April 1, its prime minister told a newspaper on Saturday. read more 

Retail gasoline and diesel prices have soared to record highs in many countries across the world after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine added to market tensions.

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